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What's Natede?
Natede is our new incredible product!
It combines nature, technology and design to analyze indoor air quality and remove air pollution.

A beautiful natural air purifier for home and office and behind its simple design, it features a composite and cutting-edge technology that captures and eliminates VOCs, viruses, odors, and bacteria.

The most crowdfunded anti-pollution product ever, with $1M raised.
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How does it work?
Natede has the most advanced sensors and it works with the latest generation photocatalytic filter, that doesn't need to be replaced, avoiding waste and extra money spent.

Thanks to the interaction between the plant and the filter Natede eliminates 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odors.
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Boosts the power of plants
It’s a matter of fact that, thanks to phytoremediation, living plants can bioaccumulate, degrade, or render harmless contaminants in soils, water, or air. Natede’s products amplify the natural phytoremediation power of plants to eliminate VOCs from the air indoors.
Works with photocatalysis
Natede is equipped with a photocatalytic filter covered with titanium dioxide. It captures and eliminates VOCs, viruses, odors, and bacteria. Photocatalysis is a natural process that takes place when the light strikes a mineral and activates a chemical process that decomposes the organic matter at the molecular level.
Top-notch sensors
Natede features the most advanced sensors that can accurately measure the temperature and humidity, as well pollutants (VOCs), fine particulates (PM2.5), and carbon monoxide (CO). Natede Premium includes an additional sensor for carbon dioxide (CO2).

Smile, breathe, and take care of yourself.

Real time monitoring
Natede’s mobile app dashboard shows real-time monitoring of the IAQ (Internal Air Quality). The wave frequency changes depending on the IAQ levels. Whether you are cooking, working, relaxing or sleeping, you can select from 4 different modes.
Natede features a proximity sensor that lets you turn it ON an OFF by simply moving your hand close to it. Natede has a bright heart that beats flat or fast depending on the level of your indoor air quality. When it features a fixed light, you know you’re breathing excellent air.
Self watering
Natede features a self-watering system that helps to further reduce water consumption, its water tank can bring water to the plant for about a month.

Take care of yourself

Breathe clean air the smart way, get your Natede.

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